Judgement Day

‘There’s no ideal answer but you have to make a choice.’

Returning with their trademark interactive style, Baobab Tree dives into the challenges of a custody battle. Katie’s been catapulted from childhood to the uncomfortable stage of not-quite-adulthood all whilst her parents are separating. But how will young Katie’s fate be decided?


A 14 minute scratch piece as part of the Lowry's "Shoots: Off Piste" evening on April 2nd 2019. Tickets can be purchased here: https://thelowry.com/whats-on/shoots-off-piste/


Directed by Baobab's Katrina Grier, and Assistant Directed by Elisha Ladell, Judgement Day features some lovely new actors to our company who have had the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas on the script originally written by our founder Eloise Bonney






Imogen King as 14 year old KATIE McCUTCHEON



Eloise Bonney as mother HELEN McCUTCHEON



Jake Johnson as father PAUL McCUTCHEON



Amy Gavin as CAPLAMS officer JENNY

Jack of Hearts, formally titled King Jack Queen, is a fully immersive play that explores consent in an honest and respectful way. The performance is a fun and confronting experience which presents a realistic portrayal of sexual consent with the aim to open up conversation and give audience members a better understanding of similar situations.


The play has been performed at SASS (London), the Greater Manchester Fringe, the Adelaide Fringe and Flinders University. We are now working with connections across the globe to continue the conversation around consent, rape and respect; especially amongst young people. Over the past year, since the debut performance of Jack of Hearts, we have worked and listened to many individuals who relate to the story, ensuring that it is educational and candid.


We are now touring Jack of Hearts to educational settings alongside a discussion workshop focussing on sexual consent and respect. If you are interested or would like to know more, please contact us at baobabtreetheatrecompany@gmail.com .


Trailer credit to Reclight Film & Media


Jack of Hearts' debut performance in London at the SASS event in conjuction with International Women's Day 2017. SASS was a collaboartion of women's work that raised awareness about sexual assault and body ownership. 

Greater Manchester Fringe

The Greater Manchester Fringe was home to Jack of Heart's first run which gained us our first review and multiple award nominations!

Adelaide Fringe

In the last year we have been on a journey that took us all the way to Australia. As well as being a part of the second biggest fringe festival in the world we got to drink goon and see kangaroos.

Flinders University

Our first performance of Jack of Hearts in an educational setting took place at Flinders Univeristy, Adelaide. Thirteen students experienced the play and took part in an informative discussion. 

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